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It is our pleasure to introduce to you American Funds and Trusts, Inc., an investment firm which for over 60 years has been recognized as Utah`s "Mutual Fund Specialists." We are very proud of the success our clients have enjoyed following our conservative counsel. Our personal goal, and our commitment to you, is to listen very carefully to what you want to accomplish with your investment dollars and then prescibe a mutual fund solution that most effectively matches your goals.
There are thousands of different mutual funds available with investment objectives running from the ultra conservative bond fund to the aggressive, and sometimes even speculative, growth fund. What is right for you may not be what is right for a friend, a Mother or Father or an individual in their retiring years. It is of utmost importance to us to help you select a mutual fund management with a long-term history of success, that most closely matches your personal objectives of prudence, safety, income and growth. It is widely taught in schools of higher learning that one of the safest methods of investing is to diversify, to invest in and own a broad portfolio of businesses. If you follow this approach utilizing mutual funds as your method of diversification, you also enjoy the benefit of professional management for your investment portfolio.

Review our suggested "4 Steps to successful investing:"
  • Seek the counsel of a conservative investment professional.
  • Study and understand the productive potential of being an owner, not a loaner.
  • Utilize well-known, professionally managed mutual funds as your
    retirement vehicle.

  • Enjoy the power of compounding over your accumulating years.

Service is our highest priority!
We try earnestly to help you visualize the light at the end of the retirement tunnel. It is an easy tunnel to travel if one can envision the potential benefits. As we advise you and assist you in your financial planning, it is our primary goal to recommend a method of investing that will give you peace of mind and let you sleep at night. If we cannot give you that assurance we have not done our job.
We want to thank the thousands upon thousands of wonderful clients who have given us the opportunity for over fifty years to assist them on their road to a healthy and prosperous retirement. We would deem it a privilege and opportunity to be of service to you and evaluate the right course to take for your retirement.
We commit to you the personal services and expertise of one of the oldest and most reputable investment brokers in the State of Utah: American Funds and Trusts, Inc.
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